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Mobbing in Modern Society
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A blog about organized crime in Canada, subjugation, murder, and human rights violations.

I have written about the British regimes advocating gun control and their secret police using energy assault weapons from neighboring homes, public places, court house, the weaponization of space. The strategy consists of surrounding a target with participants or subjugating them for participation, police false allegations, directing blame towards the police to hide the regime subjugation and murder of citizens through long term deadly cancers. "run away or get cancer" "you have to turn or die of cancer".

The police use police psychiatric intervention to incarcerate any claims of being assaulted by these technologies.

Assigning Blame

One location they focus on with the repetitive types of radar assaults are a man's testicles and "the police want your balls".

According to British regimes and their secret police they are not the ones targeting and murdering human rights defenders, it is other human rights defenders, and they have their confessions to prove it.