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Mobbing in Modern Society
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An illustration of a mobbing confusion strategy in Canadian Court proceedings.

I was in court and this is what happened:

"The Crown is trying to be helpful and trying to save you time and money with the assessment order before trial."

"I don't want the unlawful assessment order before trial your honor."

"If you started your day with a good breakfast like coco puffs, frosted flakes they're great, lucky charms they're magically delicious, you'd have brain fog and wouldn't be in all this trouble."


"Peasants like you who cause trouble are a threat, next thing you know it is Russia here."

"What? your honor it is the high courts, they have ruled that the assessment order before trial is unlawful, and also a basic human right violation."

"If you do not comply with the unlawful assessment order before trial I have to incarcerate you, what's your decision?"

The strategy consists of adding several issues or topics that make no sense or unrelated to hide the main issue that does not make any sense either, in this case incarcerating a citizen for not complying with an unlawful lower court assessment order.