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Mobbing in Modern Society
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Movie scenes linked to tyranny, medieval patterns, and technology.

Dune 1984, Tyranny and Medieval Patterns
A movie scene that illustrates a medieval pattern, tyranny followed by the illusion of change. British regimes are controlled and hidden dictatorships through corruption and organized crime, the illusion of freedom and democracy for the general population, and have the same pattern. Why? it is about controlling the economy, the money, for control and subjugation, and subjugating targeted citizens of interest, leadership, etc, that they do control through corruption and organized crime, murdering them, destroying them, replacing them with people they do control. This pattern helps hide this repetitive routine used by British regimes for hundreds of years.

Dune 1984, Death of Natural Causes (environmental exposure)
A movie scene that illustrates the use of environmental factors to cause a death, death by exposure, homelessness, etc.. In Canada, a native was driven far from the city in a snow storm and freezing temperatures by the police and died of this environmental exposure.

Dune 1984, Focused Ultrasound to "Burst Organs"
The heart and blood vessels in the brain. The British regime secret police are using both focused ultrasound and repetitive type of radar assaults, energy assault weapons and the weaponization of space.

Ultrasound Tech is used to create sound at great distances, the HSS and LRAD systems. The "secret police" or mob are using this for high levels of sleep deprivation, threats, give instructions, .. . It is also used to target the brain, lesions, "burst blood vessels", and heart attacks.

see the Technology page for more

Focused ultrasound to inflict heart attacks and strokes may have been in use for as far back as 1984 by organized crime or the "secret police" in British regimes, targeting children and adults for intimidation and subjugation. A video that illustrates the use of sound technology to "burst organs", ultrasound similar to today's use of focused ultrasound in the medical field and older technology called the "gama knife" used for lobotomies.

The reality is that organized crime, the mob, is using focused ultrasound to create sound at great distances to inflict high levels of sleep deprivation on targeted citizens and to inflict physical damage, heart attacks and strokes. It is combined with another technology used from neighboring homes to assault citizens in their own homes, energy assault weapons aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, the weaponization of space, powerful radar or ground penetrating radar.

This video is a part of several videos that illustrate different issues from workplace psychological harassment to different technologies that can be used for psychological harassment.

"My Godfather was a high rank Surete du Quebec officer, my God mothers nephew Jr. Racine died suddenly of a "burst blood vessel" in the brain when a child. I was led to believe when an adult that I caused the death of Celine Hardy when a minor at around 1984-1985, it put me on the defensive to criminal harassment participants. I reported the belief of having caused her death to the Surete du Quebec in 2003-2004, her twin brother Stephan Hardy ceased to exist, resulting in allegations of criminal mischief. See the article on influence of the mind and suicides, this is the technology that they used for repetitive suggestions to kill myself and hang myself, a homicide attempt through influence of the mind, and "call Denis", my Godfather was the one that was to find me dead, the idea was to reduce the shock on my parents. I now believe that it was manipulation to hit back at him. Recently I have been attacked through energy assault weapons, types of powerful radar aimed at inflicting damage and deadly cancers, and this focused ultrasound technology. See the other Journal Entries in the Mobbing in Modern Society section." - Danny Hunt

"Sandra Hunt is an actress in this movie, she comes into a room when Paul Atreidies catches a "flying syringe" and slams it into a wall. My sister's name is Sandra Hunt, another strange or symbolic link" - Danny Hunt