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Mobbing in Modern Society
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The right to bear arms is supposed to protect the population from tyranny, obvious corruption and subjugation through organized crime. ..

The British regimes "secret police" caused massacres in both Quebec, the fear of losing control of the french population and the use of organized crime to subjugate them, and in New York or New Jersey. Adam Lanza had his brothers license from New Jersey in his pocket. My guess is that New Jersey represents or is symbolic for the middle class, the working class, the labor class, the People, "it's the People who want gun control", in attempts to hide the intent, when its the People who need the right to bear arms to protect themselves from tyranny and subjugation.

U.S. Gun Control Debate, Massacres and Gun Control Pattern? - (Blog)

The pattern of massacres used to advocate gun control seems to be in locations where those advocating gun control should be the ones advocating the 2nd Amendment, to deter tyranny and oppression. In Canada it was in Quebec, the french province, where the secret police will use corruption and organized crime more than in other English provinces in attempt to control it.

In the U.S. it was in New York, a democratic state, senator Giffords was a democratic senator.

In the U.K. the current trend is the conservatives claiming that the Labor party is the one that wants over site on the media, the freedom of the press."