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C Censorship and Isolation are Rage Shooting Factors? - (news flash)

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This factor is linked to the S Strategy factor, the mob involved in pushing a targeted person to homelessness isolate and censor a person to prevent exposure aka mobbing in modern society. This is linked to the I Influence of the Mind or I Ideation factors that if the targeted person commits a terrible crime, "hitting back", retaliation, rage shooting, they will become visible and be seen along with the abuse, mobbing, use of homelessness in oppression, coercion, subjugation, etc. ..

The Marc Lepine theory: someone else wrote his suicide note to hide the cause. "it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs)" - Marc Lepine Montreal Polytech

Virginia Tech Seung-Hui Cho "You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option." - Seung-Hui Cho; Aurora Colo. "The Joker" .. ; Jared Loughner Tucson Arizona .. ;

PHIA Experience: The PHIA facebook page has been deleted twice with all of its fans, a few hundred fans in both cases. Canadian Commission to Facebook and Twitter, can you censor those that we cannot censor legally? Our current facebook page posts to other pages are currently censored from other users. It is a way of creating visibility, interest, and gaining fans. Our current number of fans is now a stagnant 40 due to this isolation and censorship. The creator and founder is being "mobbed", false Police allegations that involve a Mobbing Research article and the Freedom of Expression, isolated from friends through mobbing strategy ex: participation or threats to their own means of subsistence to participate, sleep deprivation and radar assaults, and locked out of his own facebook account linked to many online friends during the criminal proceedings and ongoing radar assaults etc. The Canadian media "free press" never reported the obvious violation of the freedom of expression.

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