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Population Subjugation Through Organized Crime Examples, Gun Control Issue Link - (news flash)

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1. "In Canada organized crime prevents individuals from addressing their constitutional rights in court."

2. "The Canadian media never reported the obvious violation of freedom of expression on Feb 21, 2011, which violates the charter of rights and linked to oppression "oppressive laws"."

3. "Criminal harassment and mobbing participants are now using the new Cyberbullying law for threats of civil lawsuits to prevent the exposure of Police and Crown prosecutors wrong doing."

Oppression and Gun Control Issue

The right to bear arms deters different forms of dictatorships and abuse, oppression, they fear a well armed population aka Marie Antoinette. A defenseless population make the population more vulnerable to organized crime and corruption, and organized crime is currently committing acts of terror, rage shootings, hiding the cause through stereotypes and discrimination, and advocate gun control or a defenseless population, which is the link to the gun control issue.

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4. "In Canada organized crime prevents individuals from recovering financial loss from Police false allegations and Crown Prosecutor malicious prosecutions."

5. "In Canada organized crime is using powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, and at court house aimed at inflicting deadly cancers while these British regimes brag about gun control and a low homicide rates."