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New Year 2013 Questions for Canada, Human Rights Violations - Blogs (news flash)

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Canada, do you plan on fixing the Canadian Criminal Code that violates basic human rights? Organized crime is preventing citizens from addressing these constitutional violations.

1. The Right to a Trial and Discrimination s. 11(d) and s.15 (discriminatory)? 672.12(1)(3) criminal responsibility before trial violates the basic right to a trial when successful.

2. Freedom of Expression 2(b)? 264.1 (1) uttering threats allegations violate the freedom of expression when fabricated from published articles, the Supreme Court R v keegstra is dismissed and allegations (false alleg) go to trial, a freedom of expression violation and human rights concern.


"My Personal Experience is that lower court judges and crown prosecutors do not know that 672.12(1)(3) before trial is a violation and is supposed to be at the end of trial as indicated in Appeals Court and Supreme Court judgements.

Crown Prosecutor # 1, was removed after stating not having any copies of computers that were seized without a warrant.

Crown Prosecutor #2, went to trial without presenting any evidence or a victim, and did not know why the previous Crown Prosecutor did not renew his demand for assessment 672.12(1)(3) criminal responsibility before trial when asked by the trial judge.

So this is two Crown Prosecutors and Lower Court Judges that do not know that when successful non-criminal responsibility before trial violates the right to a trial, a basic human rights."

"The first Crown Prosecutor also wanted me to explain to him why being completely innocent of false allegations was different from being non-criminally responsibly of committing a crime due to mental illness." .. both are found to be innocent. ..

"Organized crime prevented me from addressing this charter violation and therefor needs to be "fixed" through some other mechanism if this is why it still exists in the criminal code after 20 or more years."