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Newtown, Connecticut: Public Organized Crime Investigation, Italian Mafia, Mobbing Participants? (sarcasm, fiction) - (news flash)

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The mental health experts have dismissed mental health as a cause. Organized Crime Investigation: 1. Lanza (Italian Mafia?), 2. I Influence of the Mind, I Ideation, S Strategy (Mobbing participants?). The mental health experts have sent this to the organized crime investigation but we are currently having "behavior difficulties" with our investigation ..

We need answers to some questions so we are calling some of the Italian community organizations and experiencing "behavior difficulties":

1. when we call them: "Lanza, that's Italian?" "yes" "do you think he was in the Italian Mafia?" "click" .. they are hanging up on us without answer the questions.

2. we are posting the Rage Shooting Factors in News post comments but they keep censoring these, so we cannot get any feedback on this one either.


The mob, organized crime, is using I Influence of the Mind, I Ideation, and S Strategy to lead citizens to commit acts of terror, women and children, to advocate a defenseless population.

Why does Piers Morgan (he's very provocative) and the media follow the organized crime plan?


I Influece of the Mind, I Ideation, The Adam Lanza plan is about Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook Elementary, and New Jersey .. being visible, the devastation and hardship in New Jersey, etc.

S Strategy, The organized crime plan is about advocating gun control once Adam Lanza has committed his act of terror.

see the Rage Shooting Factors page.