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Suicide Factors, London Nurse Unexplained Death and Freedom of Expression - (Blogs)

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The part that I find disturbing, troubling, strange, .. etc .. , is that the nurse was a mother of two and she committed suicide very soon following this event. Suicide Factors ..

L Loss of Honor ? H Humiliation ? A Possible "Hollywood Whackers" type Homicide .. I Influence of the Mind ?

Suicide Factors, London Nurse Unexplained Death and Freedom of Expression

Nurse who died after Kate hoax call was from India - Yahoo (article link) (Associated Press)

Unexplained Death, Not Suicide

"Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found dead early Friday at nurses' housing provided by London's King Edward VII hospital -- Police said her death is being treated as "unexplained," though they said they didn't find anything suspicious. -- A coroner will make a determination on the cause next week. -- Police have made no connection between her death and the prank call, but people from London to Sydney have been making the assumption that she died because of stress from the call. -- Saldanha had worked for four years at the hospital. She took the hoax call Tuesday by the two DJs from 2DayFM, and transferred the call to the nurse caring for the duchess." -- No Reprimands: "St. James's Palace, the office of the duchess and her husband Prince William, expressed sadness at Saldanha's death, but insisted that it had not complained about the hoax. King Edward VII's Hospital said it did not reprimand Saldanha, nor had plans to discipline her."

Politics and Media Control, Censorship

The current British Conservative government wants changes in the media, the paparazzi, the free press, etc,. and need justification to make changes, the abuse, ridicule, stalking, etc.


Motives for control, the British media, paparazzi, ridicules those that it targets, and censorship*. Ridicule is linked to this latest event.

Freedom of expression issue, burning flags, ridiculing the head of state*, politicians, which induces anger in many.

Possible Setups for Justification

A journalists hacks a phone leading to the current pressure for control .. Levenson Report?

The Royal Couple are photographed in the nude outdoors following their wedding at a cousins home, which is linked to the abuse and Princes Diana, the paparazzi chase and accident.

A crank call to a hospital where the royal couple are located, the nurse takes her life? A setup or a possible "Hollywood Stars Whackers" type of homicide? which is linked to the media and claims of abuse.

Justifying Action Against the Media

Media Ridicule

"During the call, a woman using the often-mimicked voice of Britain's monarch asked about the duchess' health. She was told by the second nurse who took the call from Saldanha that the duchess, the former Kate Middleton, "hasn't had any retching with me and she's been sleeping on and off.""

Radio Station History

"The station has a history of controversy, including a series of "Heartless Hotline" shows in which disadvantage people were offered a prize that could be taken away from them by listeners."

Suicide Factors

L Loss of Honor - reputation, career, financial, relational, employment, or social loss.

H Humiliation or Repetitive Humiliation - humiliation and repetitive humiliation are linked to bullying, which is linked to rampages and rage shootings, which are linked to people committing suicide following these.

I Influence of the Mind - influence of the mind can consist of using several suicide factors to push a person to suicide, repetitive suggestion to commit suicide, or using steps or patterns that lead to suicide. ("Hollywood Star Whackers")


see the Suicide Factors and Rage Shooting Factors page for more.