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Means of Subsistence, Serious Illness and Cancer - (Blogs)

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"The criminal harassment network linked to the Police does two things that I am aware of in Canada pre-criminal allegations and during criminal allegations proceedings, they eliminate a targeted citizens means of subsistence and they inflict serious illness, cancer. Both are used for coercion and to get rid of a targeted citizen, mobbing in modern society."

"Serious Illness and Cancer

In my case, this criminal harassment network has been attacking my health for several years through sound technology, high levels of sleep deprivation, stress and repetitive provocation or threats to induce adrenaline, which is to inflict potassium depletion and pH blood imbalance (acidic blood, acid-base imbalance, acidosis), which leads to macromineral deficiency, calcium depletion. During the allegations of "uttering threats towards women" in a published Mobbing Research article and ongoing now acquitted, they have been using powerful radar assaults focused on and aimed at inflict deadly cancers, leukemia, lung cancer, etc.

Means of Subsistence

My means of subsistence are linked to my medical records and medical treatment. After being arrested the Police took me to the hospital for "observation", asked that I remain incarcerated for an evaluation, and following an "unlawful" assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial the prison institution psychiatrist demanded my medical records dating back for a period of 10 years. I am convinced that this criminal harassment network, this mob, tried to use my father for psychiatric intervention during the criminal proceedings similar to the 3 or more appearances by the police that discussed psychiatric intervention for the protection measures I was taking against powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes.

*The powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, and the court house and the resulting behavior, attempts to avoid and shield yourself from these, is used by the Police to justify psychiatric intervention, which leads to incarceration during the criminal proceedings, participating defense lawyers and costly proceedings, and "unlawful" assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before trial, which is used to find you "guilty" without a trial and make "unlawful" seizures of private computers legal.*

My treating psychiatrist is not aware of any demands by my father or aware of the mechanism that may have been used for a psychiatric intervention during the long and delayed criminal proceedings. I believe this criminal harassment network attempts to use parents, a method used for medical intervention, in this case my father.


The demand by the Police that I remain incarcerated following false allegations of "uttering threats towards women" in a mobbing research article and the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial may not have been only to circumvent my right to a trial, find me guilty without a trial but not guilty due to mental illness, dismiss all the charter violations, entering and searching a home without a warrant, seizing private computers without a warrant, and make this seizure legal, it may have been a way to attack my means of subsistence too during the long and delayed criminal proceedings."

Important Note: The British regimes, authorities, and Police deny the use of powerful radar technology to inflict serious illness or deadly cancers by organized crime.

Mobbing, Criminal Harassment Note: During the criminal proceedings criminal harassment participating kept "stating" that if I am defending myself, representing myself in court, I am working, attempts at a form of threat to my means of subsistence.