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Criminal Harassment Network Strategy (Eliminate Functionality) - (news flash)

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Criminal harassment networks are linked to the city Police, city Court House, "secret police", and regimes. ..

These try to eliminate the means of subsistence of targeted citizens pre-criminal allegations or during criminal proceedings to reduce the targeted citizens ability to defend themselves and their (functionality). They are using sound technology from neighboring homes, LRAD systems and HSS Hypersonic Sound, to highly sleep deprive targeted citizens, incapacitate them, and eliminate their (functionality), and powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes linked to deadly cancers that targeted citizens try to avoid, which reduces or eliminates their (functionality).

Notes: They eliminate a citizens ability to function during criminal proceedings, which can be linked to intentionally delaying and extending the proceedings as long as possible in attempts to win convictions. The powerful radar assaults are linked to other strategies already mentioned "run away or get cancer" to incarcerate a person during the proceedings, police and psychiatric intervention for the resulting behavior linked to radar assaults, to circumvent the right to a trial and make an unlawful seizure of private computers legal through non-criminal responsibility before trial, and to inflict deadly cancers on a long term, which makes targeted citizens vulnerable to coercion similar to homelessness and are hidden homicides. All of these facts are linked to regimes but another link is advocating a defenseless population that makes the population more vulnerable to abuse, helps conceal abuse, repressing human rights defenders that document mobbing, bullying, cyberbullying, and hidden homicides through cancer that are linked to claims of a "low homicide rate".

(see the Psychological Harassment and Psychological Manipulation page for more strategies)