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Radar Assaults Linked to Countries That Claim Homicide Rate is Lower Than That of Other Countries? - (Blogs)

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A few blogs linked to using powerful radar assaults to inflict deadly cancers that are combined with non-criminal responsibility before trial in Canada, and countries that claim to have a lower homicide rate than others.


"Run Away Link

In 2003-2004 a criminal harassment network led me to believe I caused the death of Celine Hardy, Stephan Hardy's sister, and that I should run away.

I didn't run away, I reported it to the Surete du Quebec and was charged with criminal mischief.

In 2010-2012 I'm assaulted with powerful radar linked to deadly cancers while I try to defend myself from false allegations "uttering threats towards women. Criminal harassment participants again wanted me to run away "run away or get cancer", which would lead to incarceration and again linked to being a fugitive for allegations that I didn't do.

I did learn something in 2003-2004 for insinuations of murder, motive, a body, and a weapon."


"Journal Entry NOv 8, 2012 Radar Assaults

I discontinued attempts to address constitutional questions in mid October, my parents were coming back to the house in the city and didn't want any radar shielding panels in the home. Areas that need shielding the most are the kitchen and washroom, food and hygiene.


Your hygiene begins to suffer as you try to avoid these cancer causing assaults, which is used to justify psychiatric intervention.


A person needs to eat, and cleanup, so you do get assaulted when trying to feed yourself under these conditions, similar to bathing.


I believe the best protection from these radar assaults are thick lead but toxic, leading to panels, iron, thick travertine Ca(CO), Marble dolomite MgCa (CO), magnesium alloys are said to be the best MgZn. The solution that I am using right now is to fill water bottles with epsom salt and dolomite rocks.

Assaults and Leukemia

The assaults are worse than last year during the criminal allegations period of time. As I mentioned one recent area I didn't think I would be assaulted from is the basement floor or directly below me, instead of ground penetrating radar coming a neighboring home. This means they are using some other technology linked to drilling and radar, powerful emitters that they pass under a home to make it even less functional at the risk of deadly cancer, leukemia.


I'm now recovering financially, the mob knows this, which I believe increases the pressure on them to attack me again or attempt to increase my expenses, which is linked pressure to leave this home, the cost of rent.

The cost of rent was also an issue during the long and delayed criminal proceedings with pressure to force me to leave the support of my parents home, add another important expense to two major expenses, the cost of the proceedings and radar assault attenuation materials.

Strategy and Repression

The strategy that I see and participants is obvious to me but not probably obvious to those reading this and not experiencing this. The police false allegations and crown's demands for non-criminal responsibility, long and delayed criminal proceedings are linked to the mobs attacks on a citizens means of subsistence (functionality), sleep depriving sound technology (functionality), and powerful radar assaults linked to deadly cancers (functionality). They eliminate a citizens ability to function during this criminal proceedings, I believe the police and crown prosecutors know this, and it is linked to strategy, repression, or organized crime.

The obvious link that I see to strategy and organized crime is the combination of powerful radar assaults during the criminal proceedings and the non-criminal responsibility before trial, which circumvents the right to a trial. The assaults continue following this failure in court, which is linked to preventing civil lawsuits from false allegations and addressing constitutional question linked the right to a trial. It is 2012 and the Canadian laws still permit a way to circumvent the right to a trial, which I believe is linked to the strategy of preventing a targeted citizen from addressing these constitutional questions when targeted.

The continued radar assaults are also linked to homicides through deadly cancers, countries that claim that their homicide rate is lower than others while they murder human rights defenders through cancer for example."