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Letter Illustration, False Allegations and Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial Assessment Orders combined with Powerful Radar Assaults and Threats of Psychiatric Intervention - (news flash)

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A letter to a psychiatrist regarding the combination of false criminal allegations "uttering threats towards women" and an assessment order before trial for non-criminal responsibility combined with powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes linked to deadly cancers and an increase in poor hygiene, which is linked to justification for psychiatric intervention.

"Dr ..

Threat of Intervention and Personal Hygiene

My personal hygiene was very good before the start of these proceedings, and has suffered during them because of my belief that I am assaulted with powerful radar from neighboring homes. These proceedings are now finished but I continue to be assaulted, which I believe is linked to deadly cancers and a form of homicide attempt.

The point of this fax is to inform you that I am again sleeping in my van with the return of my parents and that in the coming weeks and months until I leave this location as I have mentioned my personal hygiene may suffer, which I link to threats of psychiatric intervention.

I do not plan on staying at this location because of this belief and do not want a psychiatric intervention due to my personal hygiene during this period of time either, staying in my van, assaults when I bath and shower, and this belief that leads to my poorer personal hygiene.

I need to put some things in order, my drivers license, recover from the financial loss of these proceedings, and will then relocate as mentioned.


To: ..

From: .."


Another Interesting Post

"Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Repression

The Supreme Court of Canada passed a cyberbullying law to help victims of cyberbullying, or adults that are defamed, a way to obtain the IP address of cyberbullies. Cyberbullies can consist of human right defenders that are repressed by the Canadian Police through false allegations through participants of "uttering threats towards women" for example that are combined with powerful radar assaults during long and expensive criminal judicial proceedings, a long term homicide strategy through deadly cancers that is being used in British regimes like Canada.

Once acquitted the target citizen cannot use a civil lawsuit to recover the financial loss due to these false allegations or address constitutional questions, the bad Supreme Court of Canada laws that are "open" etc, due to these assaults.

And this new cyberbullying law would actually be part of this strategy of using expensive judicial proceedings combined with powerful radar assaults that aim to inflict deadly cancers. The victims of cyberbullying would be the Police members and Crown prosecutors who are exposed as being involved in these strategies by human rights defenders who document cyberbullying to start with and repressed by these, a strange irony.

Smear Campaign Strategy and Uttering Threats

As mentioned, the smear campaign strategy that consists of using allegations of uttering threats is expanding online requiring weakening the freedom of expression and this new cyberbullying law to protect the participants in these smear campaigns through the threat of lawsuits.

The threat of these lawsuits are linked to the threat and criminal strategy of using long and expensive judicial proceedings while the targeted citizen is assaulted with powerful radar that aim to inflict deadly cancers."