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A Video of my Apartment and Radar Assaults Before Arrest "uttering threats towards women" - CNN iReport (video)

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A video of my apartment and about the powerful radar assaults that began before the criminal allegations of "uttering threats towards women" on facebook when I shared a Mobbing Research article in the CSPAN discussion area.I put my apartment for rent on Feb 20, 2011 on Kajiji, and was arrested on Feb 21, 2011.

If the Police demand that I remain incarcerated was granted I would have been trapped paying for both my apartment rent and costly legal representation. After being released with an assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, the powerful radar assaults continued. I was threatened by police intervention more than three times for the behavior of protection and shielding measures, this intervention would lead to incarceration and the assessment order, and my belief of costly participating defense lawyers. Criminal harassment participants kept saying that I had to run away or die of cancer, which leads to incarceration once you are recaptured.

The video is from December 2010, I was very exhausted due to high levels of sleep deprivation and it took me a long time to empty my apartment, while being assaulted too.

More details of event, the lawyer I was presented to told me I had no choice but to stay incarcerated following the Police demand, "you wrote about Marc Lepine and people who write about these things tend to do the same". I fired him to represent myself, I'm a human rights defender and write about these issues and their causes, this is a published Mobbing Research article on CNN iReport. He later returned "under the service of my mother" and said I'd be released with conditions. I was released with conditions and the assessment order that I had to agree to or remain incarcerated, my understanding of the situation. What followed are long and delayed criminal proceedings while being assaulted with powerful radar from neighboring homes, public places, and at the court house too.

Danny Hunt YouTube Channel


Radar Assaults at Apartment Before Criminal Allegations of Feb 21, 2011


Apartment Advertised For Rent on Feb 20, 2011 on Kijiji a Day Before Arrest Feb 21, 2011