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Mobbing in Modern Society
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I do not know of any other strategy to circumvent charter violations and the right to a fair trial.

Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial, Links to Smear Campaigns - CNN iReport



1. Non-Criminal Responsibility before Trial.
2. Participating Defense Lawyers and Lower Court Judges.
3. Radiation Technology and Powerful Radar Assaults.
4. Police Intervention for taking Protection Measures, Shielding, Attenuation, Metal, Sea Water, etc, -- which leads to incarceration during the criminal proceedings and the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial.

Pattern Example

1. radiation technology and powerful radar assaults;
2. criminal allegations (uttering threats allegation from participants);
3. insinuations that the defendant is dangerous; (demands that the defendant remain incarcerated for psychological evaluation)
4. communications interception and surveillance (justification used, uttering threats s.183);
5. court house participating defense lawyers;
6. non-criminal responsibility before trial; no charter violations presentation at trial and no trial, ignorance used "plead non-criminal responsible before trial, it is the same as not guilty", shorter assault period and lower criminal proceeding costs.
7. police intervention for behavior linked to radiation technology assaults, which leads to incarceration during the criminal proceedings and assessment order;
8. preventing civil lawsuits to recover the loss from false allegations through the continued radiation technology and powerful radar assaults;
9. long term homicides through deadly cancers, radar assaults focus on the shin bone linked to bone marrow and leukemia, lungs linked to inflammation and scarring resulting in lung cancer, the testicles linked to testosterone production, fertility, sperm mutations and autism, testicular cancer and degrading themes, the top of the head linked to brain cancer, prostate and colon area linked to these cancers.
10. any resulting violence or rampage is used to repress and incarcerate the targeted citizen, any resulting rage shooting is used to advocate gun control and a defenseless population.


Repression involves targeting citizens through different strategies, pushing targeted citizen to homelessness, smear campaigns, inflicting serious illness and cancer, and by pushing people to violence. Any resulting violence is used to repress and incarcerate them, rage shootings are used to advocate a defenseless population.

Pushing people to violence consist of inflicting a damage, financial loss, homelessness, smear campaign and criminal record, serious illness and cancer, and using provocation.

Mobbing Research Notes

Mobbing or criminal harassment network victims who are "hitting back at society" through violence, hiding the cause of this violence or terrible crimes, rage shootings. The perpetrators of the hidden cause and victims of violence or terrible crimes advocate gun control, a defenseless population, which is linked to population subjugation through organized crime and police.

see Rage Shooting Factors page