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Mobbing Smear Campaign Strategy: Manipulation, Uttering Threats, Freedom of Expression - (news flash)

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A criminal harassment network smear campaign strategy that is expanding to apply this routine to online activity, and needs to weaken the freedom of expression.

From a Journal Entry

"Original Smear Campaign Strategy

The criminal harassment network that I have been documenting uses fear extensively in attempts to humiliate others, fear and honor, mobbing. I've already written their routine which involved interpreting voice fluctuations as fear, threats followed by saying "you're scared". (see the Psychological Manipulation page)

One psychological manipulation that they tried was to attempt to have me believe that if I acted aggressively they would be fearful, a form of retaliation to their attempt to induce fear or a form of conditioning towards an aggressive response from their threats, which I believe is supposed to eventually lead to more aggressive behavior and uttering threats, and the crime of uttering threats is linked to their smear campaign strategy.

Smear Campaign Strategy Expansion

I believe they are attempting to expand this smear campaign routine or strategy to online activity where people retaliate to their threats through online blogging and threats, which can lead to an arrest. I believe this is what happened to me, a smear campaign following the failure of the usual original criminal harassment network strategy routine mentioned above but in my case I was not ranting or blogging threats online, it was actually a published Mobbing Research article that they jumped on thinking it was a golden opportunity to claim that I was uttering threats towards women.

Need to Weaken Freedom of Expression

The important issue is that for their expansion of their smear campaign routine they need to weaken the freedom of expression. In my case it was a clear violation of the freedom of expression, it was still dismissed by the judge, and the Canadian news media never mentioned this obvious violation.

Powerful Radar Assaults

Powerful radar assaults linked to deadly cancers are aimed at the shin bone, lungs, and testicles during the long and delayed criminal proceedings from neighboring homes, public places, and court house too, which are also linked to attempts to manipulate the defendant into uttering threats during this period of time which leads to more criminal allegations and incarceration."


Forums and Blogs are coming soon, they went offline during the criminal allegation period of time.


"During the criminal proceedings I was sleeping in my van to protect myself from powerful assaults from neighboring homes. During the night I would leave the lights on and the blinds open, so anyone from outside could see intruders from outside. Someone was entering the home and pulling the blinds down while I slept in my van. My parents claim no one has access or the key to enter the home."

"I believe that I was being mobbed in a similar way as the Cathy Gifford shooter, and Marc Lepine in the article in question, who I believe was mobbed, deceived, mislead, and directed towards the Senator and I see my belief of people entering my home during these long and delayed criminal proceedings linked to another possible mobbing victim, the Aurora Colo. perpetrator of the another terrible crime who was booby trapping his apartment. I have also felt threatened with the belief that these trespassers would attempt to poison me along with attempts to inflict deadly cancers through powerful radar assaults."

"The radar assaults aimed at the testicles and to inflict damage, financial loss, is linked to possible resulting violence used to repress people further, and to this criminal harassment network that uses this damage in provocation and mobbing."

Please see the Rage Shooting Factors page for more on this issue.