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British regimes repression through homelessness, and Marc Lepine - (news flash)

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"It seem obvious to me that British regimes are repressing targeted citizens through homelessness, try to hide this from the general population, and try to hide the cause of any resulting violence, rampage, or rage shootings. It now also seems obvious to me that someone else wrote Marc Lepine's suicide note in attempts to hide the cause and re-interpret the cause to advocate gun control. .. "

"When I was arrested on Feb 21, 2011 for publishing a Mobbing Research article the Police made a request that I remain incarcerated. I was told that people who write about these terrible crimes tend to do the same. During the long and delayed criminal proceedings I was attacked through organized crime and the mob in what is probably a similar way as Marc Lepine. The important issue and point is that I was already given a cause or re-interpretation of any resulting violence, it's because I write about these issues."

"One of the things the mob was doing during these long and delayed criminal proceedings is assaulting me with powerful radar focused on the shin bone, lungs, and testicles while I tried to Appeal an assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, which if successful would circumvent the presentation of obvious charter violations such as the freedom of expression and seizing private computers without a warrant and not justifying this in court, and the right to a trial."

"Now that I have been acquitted and trying to address constitutional questions, the use of non-criminal responsibility before trial that circumvents the right to a trial if successful, I'm still assaulted with powerful cancer causing radar in public places, from neighboring homes, and in the court house."