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Some of the Goals and Causes of Rage Shootings: Repression, Hidden Homicides, Defenseless Population - (news flash)

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The Goals and Causes, Repression, Hidden Homicides, Defenseless Population: The British regimes consist of the Police and "Secret Police" eliminating the means of subsistence and inflicting financial loss to repress targeted citizens through homelessness. They commit hidden homicides by using false allegations to distract and drain the financial resources of targeted citizens while they subject them to powerful radar assaults linked to deadly cancers, leukemia and lung cancer. They are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses the inflicted damages, financial loss, cancer, testicular damage, fear and honor, to provoke the victims, anger and rage, and use any resulting violence to repress the targeted citizen further or advocate gun control, a defenseless population. (updated)

Isolation, Visibility, News Media and Censorship, Gun Control: One of the things these criminal harassment networks are doing is isolating their victims, the news media seems to be controlled and censored, and they tell their victims that to be seen they need to commit a terrible crime or rage shooting. This website and this page was created to help see these victims.

See the Rage Shooting Factors page for more on this issue.

British Regimes vs. U.S. Founding Fathers, The Right to Bear Arms

This is a controversial issue and written to provide a different view or provide information that some people may not have like the information of Rage Shooting Factors. For hundreds of years the regimes consisted of different forms of dictatorships, emperors, kings and queens, etc. These consisted of the armed "Police" and army but a defenseless population. When the U.S. rebelled against the British empire the U.S. Founding Fathers passed the Amendment The Right to Bear Arms to make sure that the population would always be free of different forms of dictatorships. What has been happening is that organized crime is used to target citizens through criminal harassment and technology, inflict damages, repress people through homelessness, and use provocation to induce fear, linked to fear and honor, and anger linked to rage. Any resulting violence is used to repress the person further and to advocate gun control, a defenseless population as already mentioned. These also target any related information and human rights defenders who document these issues and provide information, knowledge, and visibility.


The Controlled Canadian Press (British regime) vs. The Free Press

"The Canadian News media did not mention the obvious Freedom of Expression violation that happened in Quebec when I was arrested on Feb 21, 2011 after publishing a Mobbing Research article on CNN iReport, I was acquitted at trial on June 4, 2012. This leads me to the conclusion that they are controlled and not a Free Press."

Freedom of Expression and the Canadian News Media (British Regime)

"Following the arrest of Feb 21, 2011 that consists of fabricating criminal allegations from a published Mobbing Research article published on CNN iReport and shared on the Facebook CSPAN discussion area, where a Laval person would have seen this topic and felt threatened, etc, I contacted several human rights organizations, government institutions "that protect citizens", and the News. You would think that criminal allegations fabricated from a published Mobbing Research article that involve the freedom of expression would interest the News media, none have responded."

"The British regimes claim that the freedom of expression protects us and democracy from different forms of dictatorships and abuse, and not a well armed population that can deter these or rise up to remove them."


"The Conservatives in Canada have recently completely reversed course and even scrapped the gun control registry. They have become very social when it comes to gun control."

"The Conservatives also use an expression that I remember about "castrating bulls" because they protect the population. I remember this expression because I have been targeted with powerful radar aimed at the shin bone linked to leukemia, the lungs linked to lung cancer, and the testicles linked to castration in Canada. I believe it is being used by the British regimes Police and Secret Police."


U.S. Conservatives Castrating Bulls and Amendments?

"If the Conservatives in the U.S. are into "castrating bulls" that protect the population they must be into castrating U.S. Amendments that protect the population too?"