Wed, Dec

What You Do Not Know About Repression and People Hitting Back at Society By Committing Terrible Crimes - (news flash)

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The Police and Secret Police are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses threats and intimidation to [1] eliminate a targeted citizens means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations or during criminal allegations to circumvent the rights citizens have and to make conviction easier, the homelessness weapon. [2] During criminal proceedings these use powerful radar assaults focused on the shins, lungs, and testicles to prevent a proper defense, any resulting lawsuits from false allegations, and to inflict serious or deadly illness. When targeted citizens "hit back" by committing terrible crimes, these hide the cause and advocate gun control as a solution. ... more.


The question or point, hiding the cause and gun control is a solution for these criminal harassment networks involved in repressing citizens through homelessness and through cancer causing technology but is this a solution for the population? It adds up to a defenseless population that is subjugated and abused through organized crime.