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Canadian British Regime Isolation Strategy, Fax Re-Routing? - (news flash)

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A strategy that Canada, a British regime, seems to be using to isolate human right defenders from human rights organizations outside of the British regimes is to reroute fax calls. The Police and Secret Police are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses powerful radar assaults linked to different deadly cancers during criminal allegations periods and after when the citizens try to recover the large financial loss from false allegations. The pattern: faxes have a CSID, which is a form of fax identification. This can be words or numbers. The first call consists of displaying G3, a generic, hanging up, the second call will display the correct id, possibly the same phony receiver.


The powerful radar assaults, a type of weapon, focus on the shins to inflict damage on the shin bone marrow linked to leukemia, on the lungs to inflame the lungs, damage the lungs, and scar the lungs linked to lung cancer, and on the testicles, to damage the testicles, destroy testosterone production, the fertility of men, and the masculinity of men. The assaults are from neighboring homes, public place linked to the criminal harassment network, and court house to discourage a proper defense and encourage the use of non-criminal responsibility before trial, which shortens the proceedings and appearances in court, and to discourage the following lawsuits to recover the large financial loss from any long and delayed proceedings resulting from not choosing non-criminal responsibility before trial. The assaults are linked to committing homicides on a long term and ridiculing the victims of these homicides. (see Radar Microwave Technology Research and Danny Hunt (Mobbing) page for more)