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Did Someone Else Write Marc Lepine's Suicide Note and Use a Stereotype, An Arab Father? - CNN iReport (article link)

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The stereotype issue, did Mark Lepine commit this terrible crime to "hit back at society" and a suicide note written to hide the cause, mobbing, the mob using homelessness as a weapon, by using a stereotype based on an Arab father. (republished)

The stereotype issue, did Mark Lepine commit this terrible crime to "hit back at society" and a suicide note written to hide the cause, mobbing, the mob using homelessness as a weapon, by using a stereotype based on an Arab father.

"The Marc Lepine crime at the Montreal Polytech was a terrible one that involved many victims similar to the mass shooting of Cho a Virginia Tech. In Cho's case similar to the Columbine massacre the cause may have been bullying or repetitive humiliation. With Marc Lepine, the mob targets and eliminates the means of subsistence of those targeted to use homelessness as a weapon, to circumvent the rights and freedoms that we have. If this is the case and a suicide note was written to hide the cause, it would be to advocate gun control and circumvent another right that the population has, the right to bear arms."

Mobbing Research : Marc Lepine and Rage shooting and Rampages [facebook]
Feb 21, 2011

"Dear Police,
I write this suicide note so that you won't have too, I just want everyone to know that If I commit suicide today or go on a rampage it's not because my means of subsistence have been eliminated and drained by the mob who try to pass themselves off as our society, .... it's because I hate women now .." - A Parody of Suicide Note

"What I find strange about Mark Lepine's suicide letter is that he seems to believe that rage shootings or rampages and suicide are linked to having no more money or homelessness, which he wanted to make sure we did not believe was the cause."

"Would you note that if I commit suicide today 89-12-06 it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs) but for political reasons." - Mark Lepine Suicide Note

Following the publication of this article the writer was arrested and charged with uttering threats towards women, which was combined with powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, and court house too, which are linked to deadly cancers, leukemia and lung cancer. This made the ability to function during the criminal allegation proceedings period almost impossible, created a large financial debt., and continue during attempts to recover this loss through a civil lawsuit.

Hitting Back:
- A man blows up the Oklahoma FBI building, said to be hitting back for the Waco Texas incident;
- A man fly's a plane into a government building, said to be hitting back for unfair treatment by IRS;
- A man shoots 4 RCMP members, linked to bankruptcy and repossession;
- A homeless person snowplows a member of the Police force, linked to homelessness;
- A man shoots a member of government, ..
- A man shoots 9 people at his workplace after being fired;
- A man shoots several women at a Montreal University; claims in a suicide letter that it is not because he has no more finances;
- The Columbine Massacre, said to be victims of bullying and repetitive humiliation;

Stereotypes and Discrimination

The article of Feb 21, 2011 involves the possibility that someone else wrote the suicide note to hide the cause of Marc Lepine's terrible crime, a massacre. The stereotype issue is that a stereotype that involves an Arab father may have been used in this attempt to hide the cause. Another stereotype issue, the writer and defendant was faced with demands for incarceration and a psychological evaluation by the Police, which was followed by a demand for non-criminal responsibility before trial by the Crown Prosecutor, which would make the allegation of uttering threats towards women a valid allegation, circumvent the presentation of charter violations at trial such as freedom of expression, entering and searching a home without a warrant, seizing private computers without a warrant, and making the seizure of these private computers, private information, legal. The stereotype issue involved in these criminal proceedings involves mental illness (see discriminatory in Canadian Supreme Court R v Swain), non-criminal responsibility before trial that circumvents the right to a fair trial and the presentation of charter violation issues, rights and freedoms.

Acquitted of "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article

Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial, Links to Smear Campaigns

R. v. Swain, [1991] 1 SCR 933, Supreme Court of Canada

"I believe, moreover, that conferring on the prosecution a conditional right to raise the issue of insanity during the course of the trial infringes upon the equality rights of the mentally disabled under s. 15 of the Charter. It denies the mentally disabled, a group in our society which has been negatively stereotyped and historically disadvantaged, the control over their defences reposed in other accused persons and does so in a way which is discriminatory. In denying the mentally disabled personal autonomy in decision‑making it reinforces the stereotype that they are incapable of rational thought and the ability to look after their own interests. In a word, it denies them equality with other accused persons under the guise, putting it at its best, of a benign paternalism.

It seems to me that the principle advanced in support of the prosecution's right to introduce evidence of insanity can be effectively implemented by having the issue of the accused's insanity raised at the conclusion of the trial in cases where the defences put forward by the accused have been rejected and the essential elements of the offence have been established by the prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt. At that point I think either party should be free to raise the issue of the accused's insanity. I realize, of course, that there is an element of circularity involved in this approach in that insanity has a direct bearing on proof of mens rea. However, I prefer this approach since it both respects the accused's right to waive the defence of insanity and ensures that any resultant prejudice he suffers in the finding of guilt flows from his own decision not to avail himself of the defence and not as a consequence of the prosecution's having raised the issue in the middle of the trial process.

Circumventing the Right to Bear Arms, Bullying and Workplace Psychological Harassment - (newsflash)


This one is very controversial, it involves the right to bear arms and the idea that a well armed population is its best defense against dictatorship. Here is an example of how this right can be circumvented to lead to different forms of dictatorships through organized crime. -- Organized crime uses workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment to use homelessness as a weapon and to circumvent the rights of citizens, which is linked to rage shootings and an interest in abusing citizens to cause rage shootings, which leads to advocating gun control and an unarmed or defenseless population. -- An armed population is a deterrent to abusive governments, oppression, and dictatorships. These fear an armed population that can rise up and remove them, a defenseless population is more vulnerable to abuse. -- Have you ever noticed that when a population rises up against abusive dictators and oppression they need arms and weapons from outside forces or they are simply crushed and suppressed? -- Abuse and oppression, violence against women, their husbands, and their children.