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"Robinson Crusoe" A Canadian Murder Through Cancer Practice - (news flash)

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The Canadian Criminal Judicial System, Lower Court Judges, Police, and "Secret Police" are linked to assaulting targeted citizens with radiation technology and powerful radar, which are linked to deadly cancers, lung cancer and leukemia, over long and delayed judicial proceedings. Some lawyers seem to know this practice, aware of it, and call this a "Robinson Crusoe". Why, I don't really understand, something about long proceedings, lawsuits, and cancer. (SHORT ASSASSINATION STRATEGY SUMMARY)

Radiation Technology and Powerful Radar Assaults

The Canadian Police, "Secret Police", and mob are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses sound technology like HSS Hypersonic Sound and the LRAD system in public places and from neighboring homes, to sleep deprive targeted victims "if you can't sleep you cannot function".

Radiation technology and powerful radar assaults are used in a similar way, in public places, the court house, and from neighboring homes, which makes it impossible to function safely, especially during long and delayed criminal proceedings or the following lawsuits to recover the financial loss from false or malicious allegations.

Short Assassination Strategy Summary

Powerful radar is used to assault citizens in their own homes and in public places in the shin area over a long period of time, long criminal proceedings or civil lawsuits for example, in attempts to damage the bone marrow, which is linked to leukemia. Another area targeted are the lungs, radiation technology is aimed at the lungs to irritate them, to inflame them and to scare them, which can lead to deadly lung cancer. Criminal harassment participants use words like "you have to turn over". Another area targeted, which is also linked to degrading themes, are the testicle, prostate, and colon area.

This method of assassination is different from using polonium radioactive material and leaves less evidence, the radioactive material.

Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial

Assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before trial put defendants on the defensive and prevent claims of these radiation technology assaults. Any claims and protection measures are linked to threats of police intervention, which leads to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institute during the criminal proceedings and can be used to justify non-criminal responsibility, which sanctions the criminal allegations, any charter violations, and circumvents the right to a trial.