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Mobbing in Modern Society
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"Non-criminal responsibility before trial is used in the Canadian Judicial System to circumvent the right to a fair trial, a serious human rights violation.[1]" -- "The Canadian Criminal Judicial System attempted to circumvent my right to a fair trial through an "unlawful" assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, which would sanction the allegations of "uttering threats towards women", and several Canadian Charter Rights and Freedom Violations such as entering my home without a warrant, seizing my computers without a warrant, the freedom of expression, an Appeal for this assessment order before trial that "ceased to exist" during the proceedings, ..,"


Acquitted of "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article

Acquitted of "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article

On Feb 21, 2011 the creator and founder of the website Psychological Harassment Information Association was charged with uttering threats towards women on facebook when he posted an article in the CSPAN page discussion area called Mobbing Research .. ,

The article contains a parody that illustrates the idea that Marc Lepine may not be the one that wrote his suicide note and that someone else may have to hide the cause, the use of homelessness as a weapon by the mob or mobbing in modern society.

The motive of the article was to identify the cause of rage shootings, Rage Shooting Factors, and to prevent them.

Mobbing Research : Marc Lepine and Rage shooting and Rampages [facebook]

Dear Police,
I write this suicide note so that you won't have too, I just want everyone to know that If I commit suicide today or [go on a rampage] it's not because my means of subsistence have been eliminated and drained by the mob who try to pass themselves off as our society, .... it's because I hate women now ..
What I find strange about Mark Lepine's suicide letter is that he seems to believe that rage shootings or rampages and suicide are linked to having no more money or homelessness, which he wanted to make sure we did not believe was the cause.
"Would you note that if I commit suicide today 89-12-06 it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs) but for political reasons." - Marc Lepine

Charter Issues

All of the charter violations that were presented before trial that included freedom of expression, the entry into a dwelling home without a warrant, the seizure of personal computers without a warrant that was not justified in court, the "unlawful" non-criminal responsibility assessment order before trial that could be used to circumvent the right to a fair trial and sanction the allegations and charter violations, discrimination and prejudice resulting from demands of incarceration and assessment orders before trial, an Appeal for the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial ceasing to exist at the Superior Court presentation, .. , were all dismissed.

The Trial

The police officers maintained the belief that their allegations were valid. A large part of the trial focused on the Police print out that was provided by the crown prosecutor of the discussion on the CSPAN facebook page. The result and pertinent points in the trial was that the police members did not know the meaning of the word Mobbing in the title Mobbing Research .. , and therefor did not have a full comprehension of the title and discussion. Another point was that the title contains two distinct subjects Rage Shootings and Rampages, which do not mean the same thing and do not match the criminal code violation said to have been committed, the threat to cause serious bodily harm and death. The belief that the word rampage was similar or the same as the word carnage, which it is not. Another was that the paragraph used to file the allegations was taken out of context from the rest of the article.

The defense also pointed out that he was the founder and creator of the only English website on psychological harassment, which includes subjects like mobbing, bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment, that he a human rights defender and advocates civil rights. The paragraph does not match the reality of the defendant, the defendant has a means of subsistence, it has not been eliminated by the mob, and the defendant does not hate women he advocates civil rights and provides information on work related sexual harassment.

Issues and Theory

The defendant stated that those who document workplace psychological harassment and mobbing are targeted by those who use these and have an interest in repressing information and knowledge, these give victims credibility instead of ridicule.

A judgement concerning the freedom of expression was given in the charter violation presented before trial, R v Keegstra. In this judgement the Supreme Court Judges include uttering threats as part of the freedom of expression, and the theory by the defendant is that being highly intelligent the Supreme Court judges can easily guess what criminal allegations could be used to give a journalist "problems" for publishing controversial content.

R. v. Keegstra, [1990] 3 SCR 697
"This exception refers only to expression communicated directly through physical harm. Hate propaganda is not analogous to violence. It conveys a meaning that is repugnant, but the repugnance stems from the content of the message and not from its form. As for threats of violence, they are not excluded from the definition of expression envisioned by s. 2(b)."

Important Issues

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press; the freedom of the press plays a vital role in society and in protecting democracy, the pursuit of the truth, and it is not supposed to be easily dismissed or circumvented by the authorities who find the content of articles controversial or for any other reason.

Capital punishment, lawsuits, police wrong doing, and the conviction of the innocent. Police wrong doing and lawsuits may be linked to increasing the pressure to convict the innocent, in the U.S. this conviction can be capital punishment, the right to life.

Non-criminal responsibility before trial is used in the Canadian Judicial System to circumvent the right to a fair trial, a serious human rights violation.[1]

Radar assaults, the defendant claims that during the proceedings in the court house he was assaulted with powerful radar, an issue discussed and explained in other articles and website pages linked to intervention that leads to incarceration and assessment orders, in this case non-criminal responsibility before trial.

Intervention and incarceration[2], the criminal harassment network that the defendant has been documenting for several years used the threat of intervention extensively during this period of time. The threat of intervention is linked to behavior, protection measures against the powerful radar assaults, and personal hygiene that begins to suffers due to attempts to avoid these. -- (So the public criminal harassment routine of threats to induce adrenaline and cortisol, trying to standing directly behind the victim at the cash register, and interpret the voice fluctuations as fear is changed to threats of intervention, participants trying to smell the victim, saying "he smells bad", .. and every criminal harassment participant is an undercover psychiatrist who wants to intervene and incarcerate the victim of criminal harassment.)

Rage shootings and workplace violence, mobbing research question "for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs" was Marc Lepine the victim of workplace psychological harassment and mobbing, using homelessness as a weapon, leading to a terrible crime and a fabricated suicide note to hide the cause?[3] .. and advocating gun control?[4]

Circumventing Rights and Freedoms

The Marc Lepine crime at the Montreal Polytech was a terrible one that involved many victims similar to the mass shooting of Cho a Virginia Tech. In Cho's cause similar to the Columbine massacre the cause may have been bullying or repetitive humiliation. With Marc Lepine, the mob targets and eliminates the means of subsistence of those targeted to use homelessness as a weapon, to circumvent the rights and freedoms that we have. If this is the case and a suicide note was written to hide the cause, it would be to advocate gun control and circumvent another right that the population has, the right to bear arms.

Fifteen Strategies to Circumvent the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - CNN iReport


The first strategy uses assessment orders before trial, disability and mental illness, and participating psychiatrists to circumvent the right to a fair trial. -- The strategy is linked to smear campaigns and using assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility of committing a crime due to mental illness before trial when the accused has not committed a crime. It uses ignorance or the claim that being not guilty of committing a crime due to mental illness is the same as simply being not guilty. The accused does not go to trial or get a trial.


The seventh strategy uses intervention to circumvent the right to liberty, which leads to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institution similar to the first strategy that uses non-criminal responsibility assessment orders before trial to circumvent the right to a fair trial.


Citizens are presented with the believe that they have rights and civil liberties, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but they are circumvented through the use of homelessness, the homelessness weapon. -- The Police, Criminal Judicial System, and Mob are linked to eliminating a citizens means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations or during long delayed criminal proceedings in attempts to make a conviction or smear campaign easier, mobbing.


This one is very controversial, it involves the right to bear arms and the idea that a well armed population is its best defense against dictatorship. Here is an example of how this right can be circumvented to lead to different forms of dictatorships through organized crime. -- Organized crime uses workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment to use homelessness as a weapon and to circumvent the rights of citizens, which is linked to rage shootings and an interest in abusing citizens to cause rage shootings, which leads to advocating gun control and an unarmed or defenseless population.

Freedom of Expression Notes

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press; the freedom of the press plays a vital role in society and in protecting democracy, the pursuit of the truth, and it is not supposed to be easily dismissed or circumvented by the authorities who find the content of articles controversial or for any other reason.

(wish to cause "problems" for a publisher, financial loss, high legal costs, bankrupt, incarcerate, wear down, stress, interfere with, distract,, smear campaigns, radar assaults, cancer,, permit any form of attack or used in combination with other forms of attack ,, fear exposure, fear the information, wish to repress the information or journalist ,, criminal allegations that can place the writer on the defensive and create vulnerability to crime or organized crime.)

It is obvious to most people that this was a published article with a title and that the Supreme Court judges even include uttering threats as part of the freedom of expression in R v Keegstra. It seems to the defendant that the court was using other judgements, which include Appeals court judgements to water down this protection, go to a trial where guilt will now be determined by ..

The defendant claims that the article published on CNN iReport was given to the crown prosecutors at the beginning of the proceedings and that during these long, delayed, and expensive proceedings he was assaulted daily with powerful radar linked to cancer. The distraction and attempts to defend himself from the allegations increased the exposure to these assaults. The drain on his finances and threats of intervention that would lead to incarceration and the "unlawful" non-criminal responsibility before trial, increasing legal costs and creating a vulnerability to participating defense lawyers, reduced his ability and attempts to protect himself from these, which on the longer term can turn into serious illness and deadly cancers.