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Circumventing the Right to a Fair Trail Through Discrimination Strategies Motive Illustration Example - (newsflash)

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FIRST STRATEGY -- NON-CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE TRIAL -- The difference is huge if you consider that with non-criminal responsibility before trial the allegations are now sanctioned, you are guilty without a trial but not criminally responsible of having committed the crime,..,

with the allegations sanctioned the entry and search of a dwelling home without a warrant is sanctioned, the seizure of personal computers is sanctioned,.., legal seizure means other allegations can be fabricated from computer data analysis .. -- vs. -- The police have to justify their entry into a dwelling home without a warrant or it amounts to trespassing, the seizure of private property also needs to be justified or it amounts to .. , unlawful search and seizure, abuse of process, due to these serious charter violations a stay of proceedings may be granted before trial meaning no trial, not guilty,.., civil lawsuits against the police and prosecutors ..

THE SEVENTH STRATEGY -- INTERVENTION AND INCARCERATION -- & -- THE TWELFTH STRATEGY -- POWERFUL RADAR ASSAULTS -- This huge difference, the motives, is the link to why powerful radar assaults are combined with the allegations, non-criminal responsibility before trial, and police attempts to intervene due to the behavior resulting from powerful radar assaults, which leads to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institution and the "unlawful" non-criminal responsibility before trial.