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Mobbing in Modern Society
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The seventh strategy uses intervention to circumvent the right to liberty through intervention, which leads to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institution similar to the first strategy that uses non-criminal responsibility assessment orders before trial to circumvent the right to a fair trial.

1. Motive non-criminal responsibility before trial.
2. Motive incarceration.
3. Motive repression through powerful radar assaults and serious illness, cancer.

The police, criminal judicial system, and mob are linked to combining criminal allegations with powerful radar assaults over long and delayed criminal proceedings.

1.a) non-criminal responsibility, before trial is mentioned in the first strategy to escape false allegations and charter violation before trial and to circumvent the right to a fair trial.

2.a) behavior, the behavior linked to victims of powerful radar assaults attempting to attenuate powerful radar through materials aka metal or shield themselves from these is used to justify intervention leading to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institution.
2.b) run away, victims of powerful radar assaults that run away are recaptured and incarcerated for violating their conditions for release and for running away.
2.c) personal hygiene, the personal hygiene of victims of powerful radar assaults begins to suffer as they try to avoid these or prevented from cleaning their homes or taking baths by these assaults.
2.d) seemed deranged, these assaults along with criminal harassment participant threats and provocation are used anger or enrage victims, who then seem deranged or unstable, leading to justification for incarceration.

3.a) threats of intervention leading to incarceration and the threat of being found guilty through non-criminal responsibility before trial is used to discourage the behavior of take protection measures against powerful radar assaults, shielding and attenuation of powerful radar, making victims more vulnerable to the effects of these, serious illness and cancer.
3.b) the powerful radar assaults over several months and years, over long and delayed criminal proceedings for example, leads to serious illness and cancer.

This strategy is linked to incarceration during long and delayed criminal proceedings, isolation, increasing the legal cost of the criminal proceedings, creating a vulnerability to participating defense lawyers, creating a vulnerability to others, obtaining private medical information, and creating a vulnerability to participating prison psychiatrists, the first strategy to circumvent the right to a fair trial through an assessment order before trial for non-criminal responsibility that would sanction false allegations and charter violations such as the seizure of private information without a warrant, computers.

Disability, Intervention and Vulnerability Scenario Illustration Example, Motive Incarceration (8 a)) -- After being released under conditions and an "unlawful" assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, I was assaulted by powerful radar. The Police tried to intervene several times claiming the behavior linked to shielding and attenuation attempts, "microwaves?", was not normal, which would result in my incarceration at the prison psychiatric institute. -- I was later found "guilty" without a trial through "non-criminal responsibility", which sanctioned the false allegations, searching my home without a warrant, seizing personal computers and information without a warrant, communication interception and surveillance, ..

A disability is a vulnerability that can be exploited by the Police, Crown Prosecutors, mob, organized crime, criminal harassment participants and networks etc. The seventh strategy circumvents the Charter by exploiting a disability, a vulnerability, and discrimination.

Fifteen Strategies to Circumvent the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - CNN iReport (article link)