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A Criminal Harassment Network Organized crime Strategy Example - CNN iReport (article link)

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A criminal harassment network, corruption, and organized crime strategy example along with its functioning, subjugation.

Corruption and Organized Crime Strategy Example

The Police create a criminal harassment network and need to "eat people", subjugation;

This criminal harassment network uses threats and provocation to induce stress, adrenaline, and fear at local stores;

Fear being linked to voice fluctuations, fear and honor, and repetitive humiliation;

Victims of these are manipulated into attempting to "hit back" through threats of their own to induce fear;

The attempt by victims leads to criminal allegations, uttering threats, which is combined with communications interception and surveillance "he's dangerous";

The criminal harassment continues through sound technology, the 2005 award winning HSS Hypersonic Sound technology, and the provocation is now interpreted as an investigation "the police are listening";

The allegations are combined with powerful radar assaults "you have to run";

Run aways now look guilty and detained for several months until trial "he run away because he is obviously guilty";

People who are eaten are added to the criminal harassment network .. ;

Circumventing Rights and Freedoms, Police Smear Campaign Strategy Examples