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Marc Lepine Suicide Letter, 1. Parody, 2. Explanation, Mobbing - CNN iReport (comment)

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It's as if someone else wrote the suicide letter in attempts to hide the cause, no more money, and this is a pattern that is linked to mobbing, the mob eliminating a person's means of subsistence and draining their finances to use homelessness as a weapon and pre-criminal allegations.

1. Parody of Suicide Letter
Dear Police,
I write this suicide note so that you won't have too, I just want everyone to know that If I commit suicide today or go on a rampage it's not because my means of subsistence have been eliminated and drained by the mob who try to pass themselves off as our society, .... it's because I hate women now ..

2. Explanation
What I find strange about Mark Lepine's suicide letter is that he seems to believe that rage shootings or rampages and suicide are linked to having no more money or homelessness, which he wanted to make sure we did not believe was the cause.

The Mobbing Research Marc Lepine Article That Got Danny Hunt Arrested and Incarcerated - CNN iReport (article link)