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Human Rights, Three Strategies To Murder Citizens Through Powerful Radar Assaults Used By The Canadian Mob - CNN iReport (article link)

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These strategies are used in combination with criminal allegations that trap the targeted citizen in Canada, and smear campaigns "you have to run" "run or die of cancer".

The First Strategy

The first strategy is linked to deadly leukemia.

This strategy simply aims powerful radar at the shine bone of the targeted citizen linked to bone marrow, damaging the bone marrow, inflammation, and leukemia.

The Second Strategy

The second strategy is linked to deadly lung cancer, a number 1 cancer killer.

This strategy uses different types of powerful radar, one that irritates the lungs, and another that does damage to back and lungs. The back is softened up, damaged, over several months by radar assaults and the lungs are also hit through the back by a type of powerful radar that damages the lungs.

The Third Strategy

The third strategy is linked to deadly and painful bone cancer, "you'll die in pain".

This strategy is a little more complicated and long. High levels of sleep deprivation are used in combination with criminal harassment participants that use provocation and threats to induce adrenaline, resulting in potassium loss, acid-base imbalance, resulting in calcium depletion, which is part of the bodies buffer system, and bone loss. This is followed by powerful radar assaults that hit the bone, painful, inflammation, and damage to the bones.

Why Write These Strategies?

Why write these strategies or possibilities, so that measures can be taken to make sure that they can not be used, awareness and prevention, protecting our Rights and Freedom, and Human Rights.

How many homicides per year?

It's a bit hard to tell, the homicides are mixed with other statistics in the health section and not the criminal homicides section.