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Human Rights, Canadian Mob Strategy, Cancer, Hidden Homicides Through Medical System - iReport CNN (article link)

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Criminal allegations are combined with radar assaults in Canada along with insinuations the accused is dangerous.

1. criminal allegations
2. radar assaults
3. insinuations that the accused is dangerous
4. assessment order before trial and "you have to run"

Violent and Aggressive Behavior

The criminal allegations trap the accused while the accused is assaulted with powerful radar, any violent reactions or behavior by the accused resulting from the radar assaults help fit the allegations and frame the accused.

Radar Related Cancers

The powerful radar assaults that the accused is exposed to over several months during the proceedings and increased through wrongful orders and delays to increase the length of the criminal proceedings are linked to deadly cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, and bone cancer.

Run Away Strategy

The radar assaults combined with criminal allegations are linked to a run away strategy.

"you have to run" - criminal harassment participants.

Increased Expenses

The powerful radar assaults combined with criminal allegations are used to help overwhelm and deplete the finances of a targeted citizen or bankrupt them as they try to pay for both expensive legal representation, try to avoid the radar assaults, and expensive metal radar shielding materials;

If the accused attempts to run away, they become a fugitive, another mob strategy.

Assessment Orders Before Trial

Assessment orders made before trial are also linked to this strategy where an accused can be found non-criminally responsible of having committed a crime, when they have not committed a crime, linked to a smear campaign, before the accused even has a trial to go through the facts, "radar assaults, you must be delusional", which "fixes" any police wrong doing such as searching a home without warrant, seizing computers without a warrant, and communications interception based on false allegations.

The Threat of Intervention

With an assessment order made before trial the accused is vulnerable to intervention and being framed as mentioned above, through non-criminal responsibility of having committed a crime when they have not committed a crime, but also become vulnerable when detained to increased expenses for participating defense lawyers and a corrupt or participating criminal judicial system.

Participating Defense Lawyers and Corrupt Judicial System

Participating defense lawyers and a participating or corrupt criminal judicial system increase the delays and the legal costs through wrongful or unlawful Orders and judgements that need to be Appealed, expensive transcripts for the Appeals, legal representation, and other related costs.

Preventing Lawsuits

The upside of radar assaults combined with criminal allegations is that no one wants sue.

False allegations, Police legal wrong doing such as entering and search a home without warrant, seizing computers and private information without warrant, a corrupt judicial system that uses unlawful orders to increase delays and expenses, malicious prosecutions, the combination of radar assaults during these long proceedings and their intentional delays discourage legal recourse through lawsuits.

Cancer and Medical System

Any resulting cancer increases expenses and creates a vulnerability to the medical system that can be used for coercion and people that can be intimidated into participating by the Canadian mob.

Cancer and hidden homicides through the medical system.

Powerful Radar Run Away Strategy Example

1. Radar assaults.

2. False allegations and no search of a dwelling home and seizure of computers warrants.

3. Assessment order to escape false allegations and no warrants through non-criminal responsibility of having committed a crime when the accused has not committed a crime.

4. Radar Run Away strategy, when the accused run's away an arrest warrant is issued, he looks guilty for coercion or threat of being framed, why did you run away? assaulted with radar, the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility is used when he is detained.

5. Another linked strategy is to inflict serious illness, cancer.