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Mobbing Research: Threats to Medical Disability Leave Strategy - CNN iReport (article link)

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International Criminal Court pledges to strengthen efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators of sexual and gender crimes.

Is crime or criminal harassment involved in under reported case of workplace psychological harassment and sexual harassment?

Mobbing Research: Threats to Medical Disability Leave Strategy

This is a question that was first aimed at the women of the RCMP involved in sexual harassment complaints and any other sexual harassment victims.

I would like to know if any of the RCMP women involved in Sexual Harassment complaints and away on medical leave were threatened in any way for defending themselves?

Threats to their medical disability leave, their means of subsistence, in the sense that because they are not babbling idiots and attempt to defend themselves, they should not be on medical leave according to criminal harassment participants or these types of threats to prevent exposure.

Workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment often consists of repetitive threats to a person's means of subsistence, to use homelessness as a weapon, to prevent the exposure of crimes, in this case it would be to prevent the exposure of sexual harassment.


Sexual harassment complaints can often be linked to scandals, political and corporate scandals, resulting in pressure to silence victims of workplace psychological harassment.

NBC News also recently reported that workplace psychological harassment is under reported.