Sat, Dec

Mobbing Research: False Criminal Allegations and Radar Assaults Strategy - CNN iReport (article link)

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The Police use false criminal allegations to trap a person in their location or country, and combine this with serious legal wrong doing such as entering and searching a home without warrant and seizing property without warrant;

The criminal allegations must include insinuations that the accused is also highly dangerous for the following reasons;

During the period of time the accused defends himself from the criminal allegations he is repetitively assaulted with powerful radar linked to different cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, testicular cancer, and bone cancer;

The courts and criminal judicial system use misinformation, obstruction, corruption, and wrongful orders in attempts to add more delays to the proceedings and frustrate the accused;

The plan is to either frame the accused through false allegations, a smear campaign, or give him a serious illness, cancer, both a criminal record or serious illness trap the accused in the country for more abuse or attempts to prevent the exposure of crimes committed against the accused, such as serious human rights violations.