Sat, Dec

Mobbing Research: Powerful Radar Combined With Criminal Allegations, Strategy and Homicides - CNN iReport (video link)

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The mob is using a combination of false criminal allegations and powerful radar assaults.

[1] The powerful radar assaults combined with criminal allegations are used to help overwhelm the finances of the accused as they try to pay for both expensive legal representation and avoid the radar assaults, staying at hotels and purchasing radar shielding materials.

[2] In a run away strategy, "run away or get cancer", to frame citizens or in smear campaigns;

The criminal allegation involve an assessment order for non-criminal responsibility due to mental illness of having committed a crime, when the accused is actually completely innocent;

Run aways get detained and become vulnerable to participating or bad defense lawyers at great personal expense;

The claim of being assaulted by powerful radar results in prison psychiatrists claiming "due to this delusion of being assaulted by microwaves, your state of mind makes you non-criminally responsible".

[3] The repeated powerful radar assaults during the several months long criminal proceedings are linked to using serious illness and cancer, such as lung cancer and leukemia, to create a vulnerability to the mob, prevent exposure and prosecution, and homicides.