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Jamey Rodemeyer, Anti-Gay Rhetoric linked to Hate Causes Psychological Harm and Suicides - CNN iReport (video)

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Jamey Rodemeyer

The hate Jamey was subjected to overwhelmed his ability to keep reminding himself that he was a beautiful person, leading to a suicide.

Jamey Rodemeyer

[1] "people would just constantly send me hate, telling me that gay people go to hell" [m]

[2] "people would be like faggot fag, they taunt me in the hallways, and I felt like I could never escape it"

Megan Meier's

[1] An adult mother of another teenager posing as a 16 year old boy, a new friend;

[2] Not wanting to be friends anymore because "Megan is not nice to her friends", psychological crisis;

[3] The boy leads the start of insults on Megan with other teenagers, mobbing[m];

[4] The boy states "the world would be a better place without Megan", mobbing[m];

[5] Megan commits suicide.

Amy Winehouse

[1] The last few weeks of Amy's life are linked to drugs, a "bad drug reaction" that prevented her performance and being disliked for it;

[2] The perception that people dislike you or hate you, leading to a suicide; [m]

Danny Hunt

[3] This criminal harassment network influenced my perception and led me to believe everyone hated me and wanted me to die, mobbing[m];

[4] Sound technology was used to repeat that I should hang myself, repetitive suggestion or thought influence, "hang yourself", and psychological manipulation linked to steps and actions towards a suicide attempt "make a plan", "call Denis", I did, failed, and a failed assassination attempt at around 1998;

Jamey Rodemeyer, NY bullied teen takes his own life

Jamey Rodemeyer, Parents Anti-gay bullies drove our son to suicide