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Mob Symbolic Cancer Assassination? 'Spartacus' star Andy Whitfield dead at 39 - CNN iReport (article link)

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Mob Symbolic Cancer Assassination?

Organized Crime, Setting Examples, Symbolic Assassination, Intimidation

The mob is using powerful radar and radiation technology linked to lung cancer and leukemia in run away strategies combined with criminal allegations and to set examples "you'll die a painful death";

Symbolic in the sense that organized crime is linked to subjugation and 'The Code of Silence', and 'Spartacus' is linked to freeing slaves, those trapped by organized crime or subjugated through organized crime.

My Personal Experience ..


[1] My experience with organized crime is that powerful radar was used in a run away strategy during criminal allegations linked to attempts to detain a person to make them vulnerable to participating lawyers at great personal expense;

[2] Similar to the way the mob eliminates a person's means of subsistence and drains their finances pre-criminal allegations;

[3] The powerful radar was aimed at my lungs, linked to lung cancer by causing irritation and difficulty to breath, constricted and burning sensation in the lungs;

[4] The powerful radar was also aimed at my shines, the shin bone marrow linked to leukemia, and leukemia and blood cancer being linked to powerful radar;

[5] Sensitive shin bone and swelling of the legs, numbness;

[6] The powerful radar linked to this article is the powerful radar that was aimed at my neck, throat, and head area where the lymph-nodes are;

[7] Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma being linked to the lymph-nodes and white blood cells similar to leukemia associated and linked to powerful radar;