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Mobbing Research: Cancer and Participating Medical Community Members - CNN iReport (article link)

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"it seems that those who do document this are more subject to criminal allegations and organized crime.

I was incarcerated for "uttering threats towards women on facebook" when I published an article about the cause of rage shootings, mobbing and the use of homelessness as a weapon in modern countries, and shared it on facebook;

At this time during these criminal allegations proceedings I'm attacked through powerful radar linked to radiation sensitive cancers such as lung cancer to make you "run away" or assassinate you through lung cancer;

It also makes you vulnerable to participating medical community members." - Danny Hunt

[1] The mob is currently using powerful radar and microwave technology to assassinate victims through cancer, such as lung cancer, or to make them vulnerable to participating medical community members;

[2] Another example of participating medical community members would be those that would claim that high levels of stress and sleep deprivation have no effect on the body so that they can be used in torture or criminal harassment, including workplace psychological harassment and mobbing;

[3] Using cancer for intimidation, coercion, and black mail:

a} "delete your mobbing research and psychological harassment website or die of cancer";

b) "destroy any evidence that involves police wrong doing or proof of innocence and plead guilty";