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Mobbing Research: Serious Human Rights Violations - CNN iReport (article link)

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Serious Human Rights Violations

The mob in modern wealthy countries like Canada are using radar and microwave technology, sound technology such as HSS Hypersonic Sound linked to high levels of sleep deprivation, homelessness, and cancer to torture and make targeted citizens suffer;

The mob's "game" of technologically advanced countries is to deny the existence of these;

The evidence like the modern physical existing gun exists but does not leave the same kind of physical evidence of their use such as bullet wounds;

[1] Powerful radar equipment linked to radiation sensitive cancers used in run away strategies "run away or get cancer" combined with criminal allegations, linked to lung cancer and being framed when detained through participating lawyers, mobbing;

[2] HSS Hypersonic Sound technology equipment also exist and can be aimed at specific locations and great distances, such as a targets sleeping area for high levels of sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep, leaving victims exhausted and linked to premature aging.