Sat, Dec

Mobbing Research: Marc Lepine and Homelessness - CNN iReport (article link)

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[1] The use of homelessness as a weapon by the mob is causing rage shootings and rampages;

[2] The mob is using criminal harassment and repetitive humiliation, fear and honor, through the threat of being homeless "you'll eat garbage" "the homeless are in the anus, you are in the anus";

[3] Women are used in criminal harassment and repetitive humiliation;

[4] The mob may have caused Marc Lepine's terrible crime and attempted to hide it by typing a suicide letter claiming in this typed letter that the cause was not the depletion of his finances linked to the use of homelessness as a weapon;

[5] The use of homelessness as a weapon and powerful radar microwaves in a run away strategy "run away or get cancer" is linked to criminal allegations and framing victims through bad legal representation or mobbing participants.