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Mobbing Research: Marc Lepine and a Strange Fact - CNN iReport (article link)

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Q. Did the mob type Marc Lepine's suicide letter in 1989?

Not a popular idea but research aimed at the truth; Marc Lepine is the only case of rage shooting where the person actually states in a typed letter that he did not do what he did because he has no more finances linked to homelessness, a common link or cause of many other rage shootings and rampages;

As if someone with the knowledge that this was the cause wrote his letter in attempts to hide it, a theory linked to a strange fact.

The mob is currently using homelessness as a weapon, eliminating a person's means of subsistence and systematically draining a person's finances along with criminal harassment and provocation, attempts to induce fear.

Another strange fact linked to research on the issue of mobbing is that the mob uses criminal harassment in ways to attempt to create false profiles or use them as a threat through psychiatric interpretations by medical professionals of the criminal harassment that are linked to degrading themes such as pedophilia, homosexuality, and even themes such as being a women hater etc.

For example, using black people in criminal harassment while repeating a degrading word to black people in hopes that through provocation this target will lash-out in anger and use this word, the result is a label of being a racists through criminal harassment and manipulation;

Another example linked to the topic is the possibility of using women in criminal harassment and repetitive humiliation, the use of homelessness to induce fear, resulting in lashing-out towards non-participating women and the label of being a women hater.