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Mobbing Research: "Going to Fill You Up", Degrading Themes, "Profile", Access to Medical Files - CNN iReport (article link)

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Mobbing Research: Criminal Harassment, Degrading Themes, "Profile", Access to Medical Files

[1] I always wondered about criminal harassment and mobbing participants insinuations linked to degrading themes, their attempts to use psychiatry as a threat, why any fear would exist in discussing insinuations or degrading themes, and what the link was to threats of being framed if medical files are confidential to start with;

The insinuations of being a pedophile to induce fear due to the hate the population has towards them, the threat of creating false profiles linked to the insinuations of criminal harassment or mobbing participants that are discussed with medical professionals who can interpret these as being ideas of the patient and not criminal harassment participants, which adds up to using psychiatry as a threat with these words "we are going to fill you up", "you are going to be psycho-analyzed", and "profile" by mobbing participants;

[2] It can be done through criminal allegations, granting the demands from prosecutors for a psychological evaluations for non-criminal responsibility;

[3] A full and detailed report of your psychiatric care history, not just the recent events and examining the facts that surround the criminal allegations, are given to the judge, and the prosecutor.