Sat, Dec

Mobbing Research: Two Examples of Abuse Linked to Rage Shootings and Rampages - CNN iReport (article link)

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Here are two examples of how the mob is currently abusing citizens and committing serious human rights violations.

[1] The mob is using workplace psychological harassment to eliminate a person's employment, do physical and psychological harm to the victim through high levels of stress, acid-base imbalance, worry linked to insomnia, sleep deprivation, which can lead to depression, burnouts, and employment loss.

A criminal harassment or mobbing network is combined or follows this step through repetitive threats of being homeless and being starved by the mob, provocation leading to adrenaline, interpreting the adrenaline or fight-or-flight reaction as fear, repetitive humiliation through fear and honor, the use of homelessness by organized crime, the mob in mobbing, as a weapon.

[2] The mob is using microwave and radar technology linked to radiation sensitive cancers such as lung cancer and leukemia in run away strategies combined with criminal allegations "run away or get cancer".

The mob systematically turns neighbors and the victim's home or apartment ends up being blasted and targeted from all directions, which is again linked to using homelessness as a weapon and cancer for coercion or assassination.