Sat, Dec

Mobbing in Modern Society - CNN iReport (video link)

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Mobbing in Modern Society follows the work by Heinz Laymann PH.D on Mobbing.

Mobbing in Modern Society involves the mob uniting to attack the psychological integrity of a victim in order to make them vulnerable and to prevent the exposure of crimes committed against them through workplace psychological harassment, criminal harassment, and technology;

- Workplace psychological harassment linked to creating a vulnerability to homelessness;

- Homelessness linked to vulnerability to coercion tactics;

- Powerful radar technology linked to intimidation and cancer;

- Cancer linked to vulnerability to coercion tactics;

- Homelessness and cancer to make victims suffer;

- Organized crime attacking and draining the finances of mobbing victims;

- And exploiting a vulnerability, a disability; Victims with a psychiatric care history;

Abusive Discrimination towards a person with a disability; As mentioned in Human Rights complaints.