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Mobbing Research: What I think of Women in Science - CNN iReports (video link)

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Mobbing Research: What I think of Women in Science

I believe Émilie du Châtelet wrote the famous E=MC2 150 years before Einstein, which includes the speed of an object and Einstein simply added the speed of an object, the speed of light, and the formula worked out for him.


Replacing v with the speed of light c works out mathematically but they do not know why, it is based on observation and mathematics.

E ∝ mv²  ->  E = mc²

.. the force behind life -- what creates life are observable but Physicists and Mathematicians cannot measure them or apply their mathematics to it due to their limitations -- the gravity force exists simply because Physicists and Mathematicians can measure this force -- but still do not know what it is or what creates gravity, it is also based on observation.

Émilie du Châtelet

"modern biographers and historians persist in seeing a neat accord with the principle E ∝ mv² first recognised by du Châtelet from over 150 years before."