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Mobbing Research: Mobbing and "Cleaning" Definitions - CNN iReports (article link)

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Mobbing Research: Mobbing and "Cleaning" Definitions

- Mobbing is a term created by a German born Swedish psychiatrist called Heinz Laymann, the founder of Mobbing research.

- "Cleaning" from what I understand from participants in criminal harassment or mobbing means pushing a person to homelessness or causing their death through illness such as cancer to prevent exposure.

And to "clean" any crimes committed by law enforcement members, witnesses and documents etc.

People that have been pushed to homelessness usually lose everything, including documents and don't have access to the legal system.


- Workplace psychological harassment is used to eliminate a person's means of subsistence and the mob attacks the finances of victims through corruption and crime.

- Mobbing in modern society can involve people uniting, the mob, to attack the psychological integrity of a victim to prevent exposure of crimes committed against them through criminal harassment and technology.