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Mobbing in Modern Society
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- Workplace psychological harassment is used to eliminate a person's means of subsistence.
- The mob claims to "clean" the crimes committed by law enforcement members and organizations.

Q. Homelessness; Do you believe that the mob eliminates a person's means of subsistence and attacks their finances to make victims of Police corruption helpless or more vulnerable to corruption, reduce or eliminate their access to the justice system, and to prevent exposure?

Q. Smear Campaigns; Do you believe that the mob uses smear campaigns, which usually involve pedophilia [the pedophilia weapon] allegations, to attack the reputation of popular victims?

- Michael Jackson [pedophilia weapon].
- Julian Assange, allegations of rape linked to a broken condom and a Swedish law.

Q. Technology; Do you believe the mob uses technology to attack a victim's health, psychological integrity, and credibility?

- Prevent exposure of a criminal harassment or mobbing network.

- Sound technology [HSS Sonic Sound], criminal harassment, sleep deprivation link.
- Microwave technology [radar type], criminal harassment, homelessness, and cancer link.

- Vulnerable to hostile medical community members, mob, false profiles linked to false allegations.

"Research Note: There is a link between police corruption and the use of homelessness and smear campaigns."