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Mobbing Research: "Making a Person Yellow" and PTSD - CNN iReports (article link)

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"Making a person yellow" and PTSD is linked to fear conditioning and trauma.

The mob uses medical knowledge such as the Macromineral Depletion Strategy [1] and this type of Fear Conditioning PTSD Strategy [2] to "make a person yellow" with its workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment or mobbing network.

When a person is threatened physically they react with the fight-or-flight syndrome, their hormones kick-in, and they usually meat the threat with returned hostility in this civil society.

- With the use of high levels of sleep deprivation to lower a victim's hormones, which influence a person's mental state and reactions to threats;

- And with repetitive non-physical threats that a person fears such as prosecution and humiliation;

- Repetitive humiliation which can be linked to being "on guard" for long periods of time and the use of voice fluctuations;

- Voice fluctuations that are linked to high levels of sleep deprivation and interpreted as fear along with the effects of adrenaline from criminal harassment;

- This fear is used for fear conditioning and to induce a form of PTSD;

- "Making a person yellow".

Do you believe the disproportionate level of homeless vets with PTSD is linked to suppressing medical knowledge linked to "making a person yellow" and PTSD;

Similar to the suppression of information or knowledge regarding workplace psychological harassment and other medical knowledge linked to the effects of high levels of stress and sleep deprivation?