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The supplement SAMe may help people with depression - Reuters (article link)

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Researchers found that adding the supplement, called S-Adenosyl Methionine, or SAMe, to a patients' antidepressant treatment helped more people with major depression improve their symptoms than those that took an inactive placebo on top of their normal medication.

- "is exciting because (SAMe) works differently than what we have now -- it doesn't seem to be associated with the kind of side effects that FDA-approved treatments for this niche have."
- "We're always careful about these small studies," -- "Depression is a complicated condition. We don't know exactly what works for which people."

Previous studies have shown that SAMe can influence chemicals in the brain and might work as an antidepressant on its own or interact with traditional antidepressants, but the way it works isn't completely clear. SAMe is found naturally in the human body and is sold as a supplement by vitamin stores.

Supplement may help people with depression

(Reuters Health) - A small study suggests that a nutritional supplement sold over-the-counter may help some people with depression who haven't gotten better with any other drugs.