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Pesticides, organophosphates attack nervous systems of bugs and neurotransmitters, linked to ADHD in Children and Parkinson's - Reuters (article link)

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Women with more chemical traces of the pesticides in their urine while pregnant had children more likely to have symptoms of ADHD -- a tenfold increase in pesticide metabolites in the mother's urine correlated to a 500% increase in the chances of ADHD symptoms by age 5.

- A different team found children with high levels of organophosphate traces in the urine were almost twice as likely to develop ADHD.
- Studies have also linked exposure to Parkinson's, an incurable brain disease.

Organophosphates are designed to attack the nervous systems of bugs by affecting message-carrying chemicals called neurotransmitters including acetylcholine, which is important to human brain development.

Study links pesticides to attention problems

(Reuters) - Children whose mothers were exposed to certain types of pesticides while pregnant were more likely to have attention problems as they grew up, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.