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Human Rights
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Religion, Threat to Roman Empire

#Rome #RichardDawkins #Adam #USA

Roman's knew religion was a threat to subjugation, slavery, tyranny.

Today the wealthy use the Government & Police to commit crimes, frauds, repression, subjugation, tyranny, etc, blame Capitalism, repress those who believe it.

Religion needed to be controlled, Jesus repressed, replaced,.., secret police participants. It's been used in tyranny, war, persecutions, misinformation, etc. For many decades families would send their gay sons and daughters to nuns and priests. They educated children, cared for the sick, helped 3rd world countries, and practiced celabacy. Modern world and society that rejected them changed, slowly, similar to racism, and this social practice changed too.

Secret Police have been using pedophiles to rip down the church and values they preach. The issue mishandled by the church for different reasons. Some involve their preaching of forgiveness (criminals), and "they have no where else to go" similar to gay children that were rejected by society, and the very sick like leprocy. It turns out that Police and Secret Police participants want to use them, for tyranny,.., like they use religion, gay men "it's gay men trying to corner people through homelessnes" "they control the prisons" etc.

Happy Birthday President Trump

Religion, Threat to Roman Empire (Part 2)

#Rome #RichardDawkins #Adam #USA

There's a good chance Jesus wasn't betrayed by any of the Apostles. Jesus was being followed by secret police participants of Judea, preaching love, brotherhood of mankind, children of God, etc. This does not fit well with Rome, Romans are the children of God, the Emperor the son of God or God himself.

Don't tell Richard Dawkins this. The Universe's field creates matter, gravity, and life. Why life emerges from matter is not dependent of matter but the field. It's strange (illogical) to say that life emerges from dead matter or dead matter in a dead Universe. The Universe is alive. It's not very weird (illogical) to say we are the children of God (The Universe, Field). By divine thoughts Jesus is going around saying we are the Children of God over two thousand years ago.