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The Dr. Oz Show : (Ep. 2046 - 11/18/10) "Cancer-Proof Your Life" - CTV (video)

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The Dr. Oz Show : (Ep. 2046 - 11/18/10) "Cancer-Proof Your Life"

Your ultimate anti-cancer guide: the 5 biggest risks; top 4 anti-cancer superfoods; cancer prevention quiz; the #1 cancer you can avoid.



70% of cancer are linked to life style factors and avoidable.

5 Biggest Risks for Women Over 40

1. Pancreatic Cancer
- Diabetes type 2, high blood sugar and insulin promote cancer growth.

2. Colon Cancer
- Calcium Deficiency, calcium binds to carcinogens in the colon and helps excrete them.

3. Head and Neck Cancer
- Advanced Gum Disease, increased risk because of low estrogen, makes it easy for viruses and bacteria to get into the soft tissues of the head and neck, infection and inflammation sets stage for cells to go awry and turn into cancer. 

4. Ovarian Cancer
- Diet High in Processed Meats, Preservatives nitrates and nitrites converted into carcinogens that damage DNA.

5. Breast Cancer
- Dense Breast, 5 times risk factor, diet can influence density of breast, lower fat and carbohydrate can lower density.

Anti-Cancer Superfoods (cancer fighters)

#1 Papaya: Lycopene, reduce cervical cancer.
#2 Omega 3 fatty acids: Starves tumor cells, reduce breast cancer.
#3 Cashews: Proantho-cyanidins, reduce colon cancer.
#4 Beats: Betanins, dark red color, reduce kidney cancer.

The #1 Cancer You Can Avoid

Skin Cancer, Melanoma
- Less ozone and lack of vitamin D may contribute, need sunscreen.
- Red or blue clothing block more than white or yellow clothing.
- Melanoma on scalp twice likely to kill, need hat.
- UV light, skin tanning and nail dryers may contribute.

3 Simple Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Life

1. Drink Caffeinated Coffee
- 2 cups colon 25%, uterine, 3 cups breast, 4 cups head and neck 39%, 5 cups brain 40%, 6 cups prostate 60%.
- Theory, coffee stimulates suicide of cancer cells.

2. Open Your Windows
- Air inside home 5 times more contaminated.
- Radon odorless radioactive gas after smoking probably leading cause of lung cancer.
- Formaldehyde air pollutant is linked to leukemia.

3. Filter Your Tap Water
- Bladder and colon cancer reduced by filtered water.

Which is Better? Beat Cancer Before it Begins

- Beer protects against bacteria and may protect against stomach cancer and ulcers.
- Sauerkraut, fermenting unlocks stronger anti-carcinogenic elements.
- Magnesium, lowers risk of colon cancer in women.

In case you Missed It...

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
- linked to cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Papayas & Cashews
- reduce risk of cervical and colon cancer.

Avoid UV Light Nail Dryers
- cancer under finger nails.

Caffeinated Coffee
- instead of decaf.