Sat, May

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The basic British regime subjugation strategy involves the "secret police" functioning through corruption and organized crime "its organized crime and not tyranny", which means that their laws and charter of rights is not worth the paper that it is written on but a threat exists that deters obvious subjugation and tyranny, the right to bear arms, a population that can rise up and remove hidden forms of dictatorships.

So justification must be created to disarm a well armed population while hiding the cause or using rhetoric and stereotypes to hide the cause.

The British regimes extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks, they use homelessness to trap or corner targeted citizens for subjugation. With gun control a new subjugation measure has emerged in British regimes, which involves denial and ridicule. They combine police false allegations with repetitive energy assault weapons, powerful types of radar assaults "you have to turn or die of cancer" aka you have to be subjugated by organized crime, blame is directed towards the police to hide regime subjugation. Serious illness and cancer homicides are hidden through the medical system, a low gun homicide rate.

They surround a home with participants, targeted citizens are assaulted in there own homes from neighboring homes with energy assault weapons, underground emitters are slipped under a home that shoot upwards, weaponization of space that targets the top of the head and brain, and public places along with criminal harassment network participants.

Abuse and Influence of the Mind, Abuse is combined with influence of the mind about retaliation and repetitive suggestions to retaliate through violence or gun violence. Any violence is used to repress the targeted citizen through incarceration, any gun violence is used to advocate gun control.